Abandoned Accounts | If your account has had no activity in the last year and you have not contacted the credit union, your account becomes dormant. After three years of dormancy, your account becomes abandoned, and the funds in the account will be sent to the State Comptroller by June 23, 2023. Click here for more details.
FRAUD REMINDER TO OUR MEMBERS | 5Point will NEVER call and ask for your online banking login information. Do not provide account login or card information over the phone. If you’re suspicious during a call, hang up and call the credit union directly at 1.800.825.8829 or visit your nearest branch.
Holiday Closing | We will be closed on Friday, April 7th, and Saturday, April 8th, in observance of Easter. 

No Minimum to Open
Number of Free Transactions
($.25 per each additional transaction)
50 250 500 None
Unlimited In-Person Withdrawals and/or Six Other Transactions/Month      
Non-Dividend Bearing  
Dividends Compounded Daily & Paid Monthly
Dividend Tiers Chart
Minimum Balance None $2000 $5000 None
Monthly Service Charge None $10 if Under Balance Requirement $15 if Under Balance Requirement None
No Charge for First $5000 Deposited in Cash/Month  
$1.50 for Each Additional $1000 Deposited in Cash/Month  
Overdraft Protection       
Courtesy Pay (once qualified –after 60 days of membership)       
Free Online Banking & Bill Pay  
5Point App
Access to Your Account at 5,000+ Participating Co-Op Locations     
This checking account gives you the basics with up to 250 transactions per month.
Small businesses are near and dear to us, so we have an account that reflects your activity. This account allows up to 500 transactions per month and is priced competitively – allowing more room for your growing business.
Owning a business has enough expenses of its own – your checking account doesn’t have to be one of them. This FREE account features no monthly service charge and allows up to 50 transactions per month at no cost to you. Whether it’s starting a new business, expanding your current one, or simply maintaining your day-to-day operations, 5Point’s Free Business account allows you to use your money on what’s most important to you.