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Your new credit card is on its way!

To offer enhanced credit card options, we've upgraded our credit card system. This upgrade allows us to offer new and improved benefits, including REWARDS, low rates, contactless capability, and extra security on all 5Point credit cards. 

You'll be receiving your new Visa credit card in the mail soon. Once you receive your new card, please activate immediately to avoid service interruption.  

Learn more about new credit card benefits here.

You can now tap to pay with your contactless visa card.

Here’s all you need to know to confidently use your card:
  1. Look for the Contactless Symbol at checkout.  

  2. Tap your contactless 5Point Visa card on the checkout terminal.

  3. You’re good to go!

Your contactless 5Point Visa card has the same protection as a chip card, so it’s also a secure way to pay!

Use your contactless 5Point Visa card where you see the Contactless Symbol. 
The Contactless Symbol and Contactless Indicator are trademarks owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.

Payment options:

By mail:
5Point Credit Union
P.O. Box 660493
Dallas, TX  75266-0493

Through home banking:
  • Make a Transfer
  • Use Access Point

Click here to use Payment Center (no fee).

By phone:
  • 5Point Member Services: 1.800.825.8829 (Fee - 2% of payment, minimum $10)
  • Credit Card Customer Service:
    • 1.866.590.7672 for Platinum, Platinum Rewards, and Business cardholders (Fee - $5)
    • 1.866.590.7682 for Signature cardholders (Fee - $5)

Frequently Asked Questions

None of 5Point's credit cards have an annual fee.
No. You can call 1.888.886.0083 to create a PIN. 
Please call 800.631.3197 to activate your new card.
You can report credit card fraud to:
  • 1.866.590.7672 for Platinum, Platinum Rewards, and Business cardholders
  • 1.866.590.7682 for Signature cardholders
Yes, you'll need to update any bill payment service you're currently using to the new Visa card number.
Yes, payments made to your old card will be paid on the new card, but will take a few days to process.
Rewards can be redeemed as merchandise, gift cards, travel, and statement credits. View the list of rewards at or from Access Point in home banking.
Once your card is activated, it will start accruing points for retail purchases only (not balance transfers, cash advances, or existing balances).
To Redeem Travel (Flights, Car Rental, Hotels, Experiential, etc.) Rewards: 1.800.666.8767 or 1.800.900.6160 (International calls)

To Redeem Merchandise Rewards: 1.800.637.7728